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We’re Educators—A Touch Of Class (WEATOC) is a multi-cultural peer education and youth development nonprofit in Boston. Founded in 1979, WEATOC aims to effectively communicate the challenges and potential solutions for youth in America's urban communities. Our desire is to elevate young people beyond their circumstances and surroundings and to equip them to move forward towards their dreams and limitless potentials. Through theatrical performances, video productions, and educational workshops, WEATOC seeks to prevent violence, HIV/AIDS, substance abuse, teen pregnancy, suicide, and other damaging outcomes by engaging young people in dialogue and problem-solving.








How Does

Peer mentors teach prevention and create curricula in their own language:

The continued success of WEATOC over its 30 years has been a direct result of the decisions, contributions, and initiatives of the young people we serve. WEATOC trains young people (ages 11-20) to be Peer Educators, who then participate in outreach within their communities. They attend trainings to learn about:

Then, our Peer Educators demonstrate their knowledge and teach others through theatrical skits, poetry, performances, and interactive workshops. Our Peer Educators thus become knowledgeable community leaders and role models for their peers.