Summer Peer Institute

Each year, WEATOC offers a 6 week program over the summer that covers our core subjects—Female and Male Anatomy, Human Reproduction, Human Sexuality, Sexually Transmitted Infections, Substance Abuse, Nutrition, and Life Skills—in a fast-paced, efficient environment. Each summer, we partner with a variety of organizations and state agencies to assure that our participants are paid for their hard work and dedication to WEATOC.

This summer (2012), we received youth workers from the Boston Youth Fund (BYF), Action for Boston Community Development (ABCD), and Communities for People, an extension of the Department of Children and Families (DCF) that finds summer jobs for individuals under the care of DCF.

Beginning in early July and ending in mid-August, the 2009 WEATOC Summer Peer Institute successfully trained 26 youth workers to become WEATOC Peer Educators.

These 32 youth participated in 8 workshops to become knowledgeable about the aforementioned subjects. They also participated in weekly theater trainings, practices, and informal performances to the other Peer Educators. The program culminated in two days of “Guerrilla Performances,” wherein our Troupe of Peer Educators performed skits and performance poetry on the MBTA and the streets of downtown Boston.

This year’s Summer Peer Institute was extra special because the 26 WEATOC Peer Educators spent 1 day a week working with 8 youth interns from the Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC). As part of the BPHC STI awareness campaign, their 8 interns participated in the WEATOC workshop on Sexually Transmitted Infections, learned original WEATOC theater dealing with STIs, and performed in our 2 days of Guerrilla Theater.