Brother To Brother

Brother to Brother is a WEATOC program designed to encourage young males to make smart, informed decisions about the difficult issues facing them. In today's world young men too often lack adequate role models to show them the way. And still others lack the presence of a father, or male guardian. Brother to Brother creates a special Troupe of male Peer Educators to work together, support each other, serve as role models, and create original theater productions and workshops to educate the broader community about the issues young males face today. Our Troupe of Brother to Brother Peer Educators exemplify what young male leaders should be. They become teachers, mentors, brothers, fathers, and friends.

Brother to Brother targets prevention for inner-city men and boys. This drama, education, and counseling project is designed to teach men about:

In the Brother to Brother program, young men and boys will:

Peer Educators and staff learned facts, shared feelings, and formed tight bonds. We maintained an honest, open environment and shared personal stories. We dissected questions like, “What makes men batter women?,” “Why do women stay in abusive relationships?,” “What are the effects of battering on children and other family members?,” “What health issues do women face (e.g. HIV, pregnancy, poor nutrition, fitness) and why do they often practice unhealthy and self-destructive behaviors?,” and “Why do women often have low self-esteem?”

Training involves:

  • Define and develop their goals and dreams
  • Find solutions for themselves and their communities
  • Work cooperatively with others from various backgrounds
  • Discover positive attributes within themselves and each other